Clinical Microbiomics is specialized in using next-generation sequencing and complex bioinformatics tools to characterize the microbiota composition of the gut, throat, skin or any other microbial community that you want to explore

Identification of significant correlations between compositions of the human microbiome and specific disease states or treatments is a challenge that limits progress in the field of microbiome research. Generating valuable insights from clinical studies requires high-quality data, which depends on a complicated yet highly standardized and reproducible workflow.

Clinical Microbiomics has developed sample preparation, processing as well as bioinformatical and statistical analysis tailored to suit the needs of the growing number of clinical trials designed to explore associations between the microbiome and various diseases or clinical interventions.

Thanks to our proprietary pipeline for 16S rDNA and metagenomic shotgun sequencing, we can reliably assess how the microbiome varies across different treatment groups in clinical trials and identify statistically significant associations between clinical indications and specific microbiome compositions. We have customized our pipeline to investigate how medical treatments, probiotics, prebiotics and other interventions change the abundance of different bacterial taxons. For each study we customize the statistical workflows to the specific research questions in order to maximize the applicability of every analysis for our clients.

Clinical Microbiomics offers customer tailored microbiome analysis and experimental design. Below are some of our more advanced microbiome bioinformatics tools that have been developed to manage and integrate microbiome data in order to answer specific biomedical questions. In addition, we continue to develop and adopt new analysis method to our meet customer needs. Examples include: