Our team

Clinical-Microbiomics brings together a team of highly trained molecular biologists and bioinformatics scientists with years of experience in designing and implementing successful microbiome studies. In addition to the operational backbone, we draw on a global network of exclusive advisors offering to support the trial design process, data interpretation and support strategic decisions related to use of microbiome analysis in your organization.

Martin Andreas Santini, PhD (Chief Executive Officer) has a background as a human biologist and holds a PhD in Health and Medical Sciences from the University of Copenhagen and Harvard Medical School. He has worked with molecular technologies in clinical microbiology at Copenhagen University Hospital Rigshospitalet and the Health Protection Agency in the UK. Martin is well-versed in strategy and business development through working as a management consultant in Bain & Company, mainly within the pharma and biotech area. Extensive experience within the private equity sector positions him well to understanding market developments and opportunities. Prior to joining Clinical-Microbiomics, Martin worked at the industrial biotech company Novozymes as a part of the R&D Leadership Team.

Phone: +45 5388 1254 • Email: martin.santini@clinical-microbiomics.com

H. Bjørn Nielsen, PhD (Chief Scientific Officer) holds a PhD in Systems Biology from the Technical University of Denmark, an MSc in Biology from the University of Copenhagen, DK and a Leader education from Harvard Business School. Prior to joining Clinical-Microbiomics, Bjørn was Associate Professor and head of Microbiome Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Bjørn has been a frontrunner in microbiome research for the last 10 years and brings extensive experience in analysing, integrating and managing diverse types of omics data incl. microbiome shotgun and 16S sequencing data, metabolomics, transcriptomics, human genetics and patient data. Bjørn’s research has mainly focused on the ecology and dynamics of the human gut microbiome and its interaction with the human host. In particular, the role of the microbiome in human diseases, including type 2 diabetes, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and asthma. Furthermore, Bjørn has studied the dynamics following faecal microbiome transplant and its effects. This has been pursued by integration and mining of shotgun metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, metabolomics and patient data as well as method development for microbiome analysis. Bjørn has authored several high-impact papers in e.g. Nature and Cell and his publications are currently receiving more than 2100 citations per year, as recorded by Google Scholar.


Phone: +45 4057 4864 • Email: hbjorn@clinical-microbiomics.com

Nikolaj Sørensen, PhD (Director of Scientific Operations) has a PhD in microbial ecologogy from the Centre of Excellence, Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate at the University of Copenhagen. He combines a strong ecological background with extensive knowledge on molecular analyses of microorganisms to gain insight into the microbial world. Nikolaj has a holistic approach to microbiomics, both from a methodological and analytical perspective: results can only be fully understood with deep knowledge of the methods used and the microbial communities are best seen as a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

Phone: +45 5369 1254 • Email: nikolaj@clinical-microbiomics.com

Damian Rafał Plichta, PhD (Director of Bioinformatics) holds an PhD in Microbiome Systems Biology from DTU. His research has been centered around metagenomic analysis of the human gut microbiome and he is an expert in microbiome-host interactions and its role in health and disease. Damian has been a visiting PhD student in Joel Hirschhorn’s laboratory at Boston Children’s Hospital and BROAD Institute of MIT and Harvard, where he studied human genetics and pathway-level eQTLs. Damian's expertise lies within big data – whole genome sequencing, metatranscriptomics data analysis and integration. He is also well-versed in machine learning methods and experimental microbiology. His most recent focus areas have been profiling of microbial growth in the human gut microbiome using whole-genome sequencing and studying microbiome dynamics of fecal bacteriotherapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Phone: +45 5379 1254 • Email: damian@clinical-microbiomics.com

Jacob Bak Holm, PhD (Director of Scientific Operations) holds a PhD in gut microbiota from University of Copenhagen, and a MSc in Molecular Biomedicine from University of Copenhagen. Prior to joining Clinical-Microbiomics, Jacob was working as postdoc in Laboratory of Genomics and Molecular Biomedicine at University of Copenhagen under professor Karsten Kristiansen. Jacob has been in charge of/involved in a broad variety of animal and human studies focusing on how diet, pathogens, diseases, prebiotics and probiotics modulate of the gut microbiota and what potential functional consequences it can have for the host. Jacob holds a FELASA C license and is experienced in working with mice as a laboratory animal model for gut microbiota and metabolism studies. Jacob poses previous unique hands-on experience with collection and anlyzing challenging samples ranging from highly controlled human and animal trials to catching and sampling of wild vampire bats in the jungles of Belize and chickens in the remote areas of Africa. In addition to his experience in performing the studies he is also skilled in analyzing the gut microbiota data.

Phone: +45 5386 1254 • Email: jacob@clinical-microbiomics.com

Klaus Gamst Hansen, MSc (Director of Sales & Business Development) has a unique profile combining a master’s degree in medical biology and communication studies and professional experience from competitive intelligence within Novo Nordisk, health communication in The Danish Cancer Society, medical research at Hvidovre Hospital and commercialization and start-up analytical experience from Danish consultancy company TTO. Klaus is inspired by the interface between research and business and thrive in creating professional connections and relationships. Klaus combines great communicative and interpersonal skills, a broad professional background and working experience from different companies and institutions in the field of medical research and business development.

Phone: +45 9351 1254 • Email: klaus@clinical-microbiomics.com