Our Company

Clinical Microbiomics is an independent contract research organization fully dedicated to microbiome research. We provide world-leading end-to-end microbiome research services within human, animal and plant / soil microbiomes. From clinical trial consulting to sequencing and complex bioinformatics with integration of other meta-‘omics data, we partner with you to provide actionable microbiome insights from your studies.

Our team of highly skilled molecular biologists and bioinformatics have extensive microbiome research experience and are experts in the involvement of the microbiome in pre- and probiotic treatment and a vast array of clinical indications, including diabetes, insulin resistance, obesity, skin disease, IBD and IBS.

Our unique partnering approach ensures that our microbiome experts guide and optimize your study from experimental design to final analysis and interpretation. We are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise with our partners and will thoroughly review all findings with you to provide actionable microbiome insights to accelerate your research.