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Clinical Microbiomics Strengthens Capabilities Within Immunotherapy Target Discovery and Personalized Medicine

Clinical Microbiomics is pleased to announce that Dr. Aron Charles Eklund has joined the team as Director of Bioinformatics. Aron has 16 years experience in bioinformatics and was most recently an Associate Professor at the Technical University of Denmark, where his research focused on development and application of cutting-edge genomics and computational methods for cancer diagnosis, personalized treatment, and target discovery for immunotherapy. His works, including 43 scientific articles and 4 patent applications, have been cited over 10,000 times. His experience managing and executing computational genomics projects will be a strong asset for the company and our clients.

About Clinical Microbiomics
Clinical Microbiomics is a contract research organization specialized in microbiome metagenomics and innovative bioinformatics concepts. Through customized analysis, our proprietary bioinformatics platform and continuous innovation pipeline, we provide our partners with leading capabilities to analyze and interpret microbiome metagenomics data, including integration of big data, such as metabolomics, metatranscriptomics and clinical data. For more information, visit

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