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Clinical-Microbiomics Expands Science Team

It’s our great pleasure to welcome Jacob Bak Holm as new member of our team. Jacob is a valuable new signing that will further strengthen our team with state-of-the-art expertise within the field of microbiota research. Jacob holds a PhD in gut microbiota from University of Copenhagen and was prior to joining Clinical-Microbiomics, working as a postdoc in Laboratory of Genomics and Molecular Biomedicine at University of Copenhagen under professor Karsten Kristiansen. Here, Jacob has been in charge of multiple highly controlled studies focused on dietary or pathogenic modulations of the gut microbiota and its functional consequences for the host by the use of human and/or animal models. Jacob has excellent skills in both leading, performing and analyzing the scientific studies and is supported by a solution-focused mentality and a strong intellectual biological/biomedical background. Jacob will take the role as Director of Scientific Operations and will be leading projects while adding new expertise and knowledge to our team. 

About Clinical Microbiomics A/S
Clinical-Microbiomics is a world-leading contract research organization specialized in microbiome metagenomics. Through state-of-the-art sequencing and development of tailor-made bioinformatics tools, we assist partners across pharmaceutical, food, nutritional and agricultural industries to extract key biological insights from microbiome research. For more information, visit 

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New study published in Nature Microbiology gives first insights into the microbial community-wide transcriptional interactions

Clinical-Microbiomics is proud to announce the publication of the largest gene expression study of the human gut microbiome to date. 

The study was done by integrating metagenomics and metatranscriptomics data, describing the expression of over 700.000 genes from hundreds of bacterial species, and the results suggest that regulation of gene expression plays an important role in species adaptation to coexistence. The study was conducted at Technical University of Denmark and lead by our CSO, Henrik Bjørn Nielsen.

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